Instructional Design – We work with consultants and organizations to develop course curricula in a variety of topics. Our courses are highly interactive and can be administered across several platforms. We can provide all of the content and material or supplement content that has already been created.

Small Business Development – Our coaching program provides individualized interaction and coaching for small businesses. Our focus is on building business systems and helping our clients increase the reach of their business. The program is customized for each client and provides a one-hour free consultation.

Educational Technology – We provide training on technologies that supplement educational teaching materials. We are currently working with several schools to introduce “technology as a teaching tool”. We are training teachers on the most effective educational technology the industry has to offer. For those institutions that desire it, we can design an entire curriculum around the most innovate technologies offered to date.

Skills Training – Our offerings include Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Résumé Preparation and Job Search. We help individuals to increase their marketability in the workplace. Our customized solutions are tailored to the individual need.